Friday, July 14, 2006

Mosquito Redux

It is well onto the middle of the night and at the corner of my mind where consciousness and dreams collide I hear it. Bzzzzzz. Even half asleep I know the Evil that sounds heralds. Bzzzzzz. I shoot straight up and start waiving my arms like a mad woman. The noise dissipates and while I know I haven’t killed the Evil, I lay my head back on the unfluffy pillow content in the knowledge that I have conquered it at least for this one sleepy evening.

Bzzzzz. God dammit! Didn’t you read the previous paragraph? I was supposed to conquer you!? *sob* Go away!!

That’s right the mosquitoes are back. Evidently their relatives in Delhi emailed them to tell them I was on my way; evil little buggers! I hate mosquitoes. I realize that I’ve said I hate a lot of things of late but this time I mean it most sincerely. They are Evil. I’m pretty sure that Satan keeps them as pets and dotes on them the way some people lavish love upon their dogs. Evil I tell you.

“Do you hear that buzzing noise?” I wake my sleeping husband up to query. After a glare I can feel even through the darkness of the night he mutters that he heard nothing and I should get back to sleep. Fine! Be that way! The rational part of my mind points out that it was my sleep-deprived decision not to sleep under the mosquito net tonight. “But they make me claustrophobic,” I counter.

Bzzzzzz. ARGH! I pull the mosquito net safely around my prone form and laugh silently and manically at the buzzing going on outside of my safety net. “Tell your Master that tonight’s dinner is cancelled!” I crow to what I’m sure is a now defeated Evil Minion.

“Hey, sweetie,” I hear Hubby whisper. “I hear that buzzing now.”

Evil cronies of Satan they may be. And Hubby may have been their second or third choice of meal. But knowing that the Evil Ones too woke him too? That my dears, is truly priceless.

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Anonymous said...

How big are they? Do visitors need a suitcase of DEET?