Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Obsession

It has been suggested in the past that I have a teeny, tiny adoration, love, and all consuming passion for that center of any good living room: television. (The center of any good universe, in case you were wondering Devoted Reader, is Me.) I have never understood where people get this idea that I’m fixated on television. I mean, just because I named the TV we had in Illinois, and just because I cried sweet but silent tears of joy when we unpacked our new television back in Delhi doesn’t mean that I have a problem.

Doesn’t everyone spend hours on end planning what to watch on TV, watching TV and then thinking about what they watched? No? Oh… Well, I’m sure you’re lying so that I don’t bug you for Project Runway updates.

Knowing that you are all as consumed with my television habits as I am (just pretend here for me, please), I thought I’d fill you in on Prison TV. I make a point of calling it that, as despite the dearth of show selection I get here on Campus I have been promised on all that is chocolate that it will be that much better once we’re on the Outside. Please God!

Anyways, although we were TV-less at Number Four, we were blessed with the world’s smallest television set here in the hostel. Hubby, in a rare moment of blog inspired charity, wanted to note that most of the commercials that appear on our miniature television, unlike in India, are actually in English. The remainder of the adverts are in Swahili, which was not an elective when I was in High School. Dang it!

On the plus side, we do get about 12 different channels. Of course one of those shows the 700 Club 22 hours a day, two of them keep showing news all day long (Hubby told me that they’re called CNN and BBC), and one of them shows sports all day. Which doesn’t really leave a girl all with all that much in the way of choice.

Daytime TV is beyond dreadful. We used to complain in Delhi that daytime TV consisted of last night’s shows and Oprah. Oh my dear lord how I long for those days. Here it’s rap videos, news or, if I’ve been a very good Blogger Bitch, I can cross my fingers and hope there’s a good movie on. (No such luck today – I’m currently being forced to ensure the dreadfulness that is Elektra.)

While the days suck, prime time viewing isn’t half bad. Last night we took in The Practice and an episode from the most recent season of Scrubs preceded that. Ok so it’s still old TV, but at least so far they’re episodes we haven’t seen yet.

Best of all, thus far I haven’t seen so much as a single ad for Becker!


Anonymous said...

Becker?? I thought that was one of those corner stores.

Anonymous said...

so have you tried my idea yet?