Friday, August 04, 2006

Come Fly With Me

Time flies when you’re stuck in solitary confinement. Thankfully the parole board here at Kenya-traz™ has elected to let me off for good behavior. That’s right, my wonderfully Devoted Readers, even as you read this your favorite Blogger B!tch (aka ME!) will be on her way to Aussie-land™.

I realize that I’m about to spend the next 15 billion hours on an airplane but I don’t even care. (I’m sure that by the time I blog about the trip I will once again hate flying again but for now it sounds like lovely way to travel.) Sitting around for hours on end in an airport while I wait for the next flight? Not a problem because I won’t be sitting around doing nothing…

D'oh! Hold on. You guys talk amongst yourselves while I try not to cry at the thought of being stuck in airplanes and airports with even less to do than I do here in Nairobi. *sob* Ok, i'm back...

So here are some things that you can look forward to reading about either during or after my two-week long furlough to Australia. The current itinerary includes petting (and hopefully kidnapping) a Koala, meeting several wickedly cool EC-Friends, visiting wineries, annoying Hubby by learning to speak with an Aussie accent, swimming along the Great Barrier Reef, eating an Oz Burger with beetroot, and one or two other surprises that you’ll just have to wait read about! Oh yeah, and attending all of Hubby’s lecturing while paying attention and not reading or napping while he talks.

So sit tight, write some comments for me to read when I get back, and I’ll be blogging again before you know it! ‘Onya!!


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Is that you in the pouch with red hair. Um....I'm not sure. I hope that you going to see/steal a kangaroo too?????
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