Sunday, August 06, 2006

G’Day Mate!

After the world’s longest series of flights, Hubby and I are now in Aussie-land™. Hubby has already made several comments regarding how much Cairns is just like California so you know he likes it. For myself? Well, it ain’t half bad at that.

The warm weather means that coats aren’t necessary except at night and even then only if you’re a Californian who can’t stand even the slightest cool breeze from the ocean. Our hotel isn’t the fanciest in town but it is quite centrally located, as we’re only a short walk from the Convention Center, waterfront and main shopping areas. My current plan is to investigate at least the latter today once this blog is posted and I’ve enjoyed some lunch.

Lest you think I’ve been goofing off and not enjoying all Australia has to offer I post this picture from an Australian Rugby game Hubby and I watched upon our arrival yesterday. No, that’s not porn – that’s an official Rugby League game photo. If they had fun stuff like this back home I’d watch way more sports!

Naked men running around Rugby fields. Bookstores filled with romance novels. Good looking Australian men being… good looking Australian men. I realize we’ve been here less than a day but I’m really starting to like this place!


Anonymous said...

Don't you need a chaperone? Perhaps I could offer my humble self?
Any 'roos or koalas yet?
Any relations to bug you??

Rach said...

Hey! Stopping in to check you made it to the land of 'roos okay =). I'm glad you're having fun, and may I say I'm enjoying the scenery from here? ;oP