Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Sofa Bed Wars

So it is finally the start of a new week and I'm having a decorating versus money conflict. I realize that there are serious problems in the world, but with Dobhi Wallah (aka Queen E) and Dobhi Wallah’s friend coming in a month, this issue is becoming slowly but surely more serious as time goes on.

Here’s the deal: we have this extra room that is supposed to be my sitting room. As Hubby has his office, this would somewhere for me to sit with my knitting or romances. In other words, the things Hubby doesn’t want littering up the rooms his intelligentsia friends might see when they visit. It is also the second guest room, or is supposed to be. Currently, other than junk (since it has become the junk room), there's not much in it other than my (slightly underused) elliptical machine and my books. The immediate quandary is that we need to use it to house people by the end of the month. And that means that we finally have to get a sofa bed, futon, or daybed. (Please note that the room would also serve as a nursery if we had an oops, so a comfy place to sit is also practical!)

So here’s where we’re at today:

We found a futon. It has metal frame, is affordable, and is boringly utilitarian.

We also found a lovely and pretty daybed. It has a handcrafted wood frame with all the bolsters, cushions, and the mattress included in the price with the frame... Which is slightly less than affordable.

The former, of course, would open up into a double bed, meaning that when you added our dedicated guest room to the equation, we could have up to two couples staying with us at a time. My daybed, on the other hand, is just a single unless two really skinny people wanted to tightly snuggle: we would be able to host one less guest.

Hubby’s choice is less attractive and grey although he claims that it’s rather comfy. I should also note that I probably would have liked it and picked it up on the spot if we hadn’t first seen the daybed. The daybed, on the other hand and in case I haven’t mentioned it, is sooooo pretty! And I would definitely take it with us on our next move, which means that it’s an investment.

With the end of the month approaching ever nearer, I have to order one of them tomorrow if DW’s friend is going to have a place to sleep in time. But which one should I get? The pretty one I love but is expensive? Or the slightly less attractive one that is affordable and means we could house up to one extra person at a time?

To be fair, Hubby says its up to me and is being really open minded about the fact that he knows I want the pretty one. But the tiny little practical part of my mind that do my best to repress is telling me that I should get the ugly one and save money.

HELP!!! What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Which one is the most comfy the knit with? Also, Em says can it be jumped upon?

Anonymous said...

Which one am I sleeping on?? is it the good one? If so than Deb's can sleep on whatever!! HA HA HA, yes yes I am that good a friend, I know, oh don't go on, yes yes.

and its not a month its 20 days from today. :o)

Anonymous said...

Pick the Pretty One!!! Gray is BORING!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should rename this blog as "Adventures of Ms. Typ0." That's so much more colorful than "wandering the world."

Besides, Typ0 is such an awesome name, you should get more mileage out of it.