Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Blues

Obviously my future career is not in picking the outcomes of sporting events. The yucky Colts beat my Bears down 29 to 17. We could claim that the rain hampered our otherwise stupendous efforts. After all even Prince paid homage to the weather in his halftime performance of "Purple Rain."

That rather damp excuse, of course, would ignore the pathetic performance by Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. I famously throw like a girl (on a good day) and I'm pretty sure I could have turned in a more impressive performance than this guy! Of course, that's been the story all season - it isn't anything new. But you'd think that they would have practiced a little and beat some skills into the guy before the biggest game of the season.

I am a big girl (or chi-lud if you prefer), and can admit when I'm wrong. Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts on your big win.

Bears: there's always next season!

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Anonymous said...

Colts for ever--but the football fan didn't get his win:) He didn't even stay up to see the end of the game.