Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Call

I promise that this will be the last poem this month guys. I found it whilst Googling random words in a fit of boredom this morning. I also promise to return to proper Typ0-esque blogging as soon as the writer’s block goes away. So hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest… probably.

By: Anonymous

I reach out
I grasp nothing
I cannot feel
What is not there

I slip beneath the waves
Grasping for the one breath that will give me life again

I stand invisible against
The tides that surround my
Pseudo life of pain

The pain of knowing love

I slip beneath the waves once more
The air of purity eludes me
My alarm is set

I push back the time
Reaching for one more hour
Love my love
One more day of love with my love

The time grows nearer
I hear the seconds tick by
I reach out for the chance to make it one day more

I am empty
The universe of life surrounds me
But I cannot touch it
I am a bystander

One more minute
One more day is all I ask
To spend with love my love

I slip beneath the waves
I reach out
I gasp for air
I grasp

Salvation in one more minute
Hope in one more day
Love my love

I know I am not meant to be here
But I cannot leave you
You are what I grasp to
I feel your hand in mine
I breathe the air of purity
I breathe your love

I am dying one day at a time
Soon there will be no more me

I’m sorry.

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