Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have a teeny tiny craving. It isn’t something that I’m obsessing about or working into every conversation though. Nor is it even something that I lay awake thinking about.

Who am I kidding?! Of course I’m lying!

I have a huge craving. And I am obsessing on the subject and have spent an embarrassingly significant amount of time imagining myself eating plates and plates of it.

I have made mental trips to Guido’s in Champbana and ordered a plate of them, which I then ate all by myself without sharing. Then I dreamed about walking into a Qdoba and skipping right by the burritos section and ordering a big plate of my current food obsession with an extra side of queso in case the guy behind the counter was feeling stingy.

Obession would be mild term, perhaps...

In case you haven’t caught on, much like the coolest naked mole rat ever, Rufus, I have a craving for nachos. A huge, enormous want to fly to the States right now and scarf a grande-sized plate of them type craving. Help?



Anonymous said...

I thought you could get chips and cheese in Kenya?? Hey I can make some pretty decent NACHOS here in delhi......poor won't be long!! M

Anonymous said...

Nachos? I thought about Mac&Chese but not those things!
Newsletter completed? Evaluations not completed.