Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kenyan Updates

Hubby is once again off on a brief jaunt. This time, instead of going abroad, he’s getting the chance to see a little bit of Kenya. While I’m not into staying in No-Tells (and that’s if they luck into somewhere nice), I’m still rather jealous at Hubby’s opportunity to see this lovely country that we currently call home. On the plus side, with Hubby out of town I can post blogs with all sorts of incorrectly placed commas and semi-colons!

Or I could look forward to something slightly less lame like… Um… Well I’ll think of something.

In cool news, I accidentally discovered that Spiderman 3 did open here the same time as the rest of the world. Bad Typ0 for being pessimistic! Plus I now know what Hubby and I will be doing this weekend. Woo and/or hoo! To be completely honest, I told Hubby just the other night that due to the wickedly bad reviews I’d been reading, I wasn’t terribly bummed about not being able to see until it came out on DVD. Oh well, at least I won’t be paying Real World prices for my theatre tickets.

More good news from Typ0-land: shortly after Hubby’s Kenyan adventures, he will be gallivanting off to Ethiopia, India, and maybe even Washington DC prior to our home leave this summer. But more importantly, I too am being granted a temporary furlough pass prior to Home Leave when Hubby and I will Wander off to Dubai for the June long weekend. I for one am desperately looking forward to this chance to get the heck out of Dodge for a few days.

The only down side to our escape plans is that Cheapo… err… Hubby says we can’t fly business class since it’s more than three times the cost of economy. Hmmph! Sounds like a minor detail to me! He; however, has pointed out that the theme of any good getaway in Dubai includes a copious amount of shopping so we would be better served not flying business and putting that money toward five star dining and six star shopping.

By now, of course, I know better than to set much stock in either my short term or Hubby’s long term plans. The best laid plans of mice and men had a lot more going for them than any of those made in the flakey Typ0-Hubby household. Of course since neither men nor mice have been known to enjoy a good shopping excursion I think I’ll stick to my plans and hope for the best. After all they never said anything about the plans of a woman in need of retail therapy.


Anonymous said...

When will he be in the land of the bobbing heads? I stll have a present for u!!

Anonymous said...

...and cabbages and kings?
Did you see the article (Torstar of course!) re no Warner movie previews here?
What is the world coming to.