Sunday, June 10, 2007


We went in search of suitcases today. Hidden hither and thither throughout the apartment we finally found the collection of bags that will be joining us on our separate trips back the Real World: Hubby at the end of the month and me in just a few days. Yes, my friends, I will be back in the Real World by the end of the week. *bounce*

The only down side to my homecoming is the 14 hour journey from Dubai to New York – in economy. *sob* I called to find out if I could upgrade to business class and the kind lady laughed at me and told me that it would cost me oodles of miles and money to do so. Thus I will be jetting home whilst jammed into an economy seat for fourteen hours!! *sob* And with my luck, I’ll probably end up sitting next to someone to who smells, or snores, or worse, who wants to talk!

So please don’t hold it against me if I’m not looking forward to my trip home. I’m sure that the Real World is still the lovely place I left behind and that all of you are excited to see me. But until my magical powers kick in so that I wiggle my nose, bob my head, or snap my fingers to arrive immediately at my destination… Until then, my friends, I will go only resignedly to my airplane fate.

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