Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sorry there was no blog for you to read today – I was without power for almost ten hours! Since we live in what is considered a “good power” area our building has no generator so once my back-up system died (in about twenty minutes) I spent my day like an olden-time gal. No television time, no microwave to heat up my yummy leftovers, not even a stove to make some soup since the starter for the gas elements is electric! Thank goodness my ipod was charged or might have gone truly loony in my power-less apartment.

Due to being on South Beach I didn’t want to risk going out for lunch – the Siren Song of carbs can be blocked out at home but more difficult to elude in the food court. On the plus side, I did get an incredible amount of knitting and reading done.

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Anonymous said...

Did you get the blanket/afghan finished? By the look of the night-time weather, you might need it if there is no power!