Monday, November 19, 2007

The Last Virgin

Ok, despite the title, I think I can safely say that we all know I’m not a virgin. Sorry, mum, but its true. But what I am is seemingly the last person I know who doesn’t have children. Now that KC has given birth to her adorable Veronique (Congrats!), I believe I am officially the only person left from my high school without a short person at home.

I mentioned the other day that being without child wasn’t something that bothered me. And it doesn’t. Although Hubby and I have “the talk” every month or so, we both realized quite a while ago that we’re somewhat ambivalent about the whole process. Well, not the process – we quite enjoy that – more like the result, shall we say.

However, it came as something of a shock when I realized that pretty much the only people we knew in our situation were single – and not even all of them were part of our child-free club. It’s as if having a child is the secret password into a world where those of us without maternal instincts are unwelcome.

As an expat, this becomes even more obvious since having children is the easiest way to meet people and make friends. Dropping your kids off at school, joining the PTA, and hosting sleepovers seems to be the way to meet other parents and expanding your circle of influence. Even those people with grown children who are off at university are still part of this celebrated circle with their shared experiences and memories.

But when all is said and done, I’m surprisingly ok with it all. Given the current rate of global overpopulation, Hubby and I have probably made the best decision possible. And our lack of children gives one or two of you the opportunity to have extras and not worry about having any negative effects on global resources. Best of all, we can enjoy your children for the wonderful short people they are, fill them with sugary treats and naughty words – and then give them back. Sounds like a win-win plan all around!

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Anonymous said...

Well now...if your father and mother had had the same thoughts...?