Friday, May 23, 2008

The Ocean’s Shallow End

As I mentioned the other day, Hubby and I greatly enjoyed the views from the Hotel’s jetty. We sat our there the first morning and enjoyed the cool breezes, each other’s company, and a couple of good books. On our second morning Hubby decided to explore the water personally – snorkeling off and on for several hours while I continued to enjoy my book. (It was a long book!)

This photo was taken around 10:00 a.m. on our final morning. Thank goodness Hubby didn’t have any snorkeling plans that day! The tide was so low that there was an actual beach to walk on. (You normally have to take a quick 5-minute shuttle down the road to get to the beach.)

When we walked to the end of the jetty we saw that the low tides extended all the way out to the reef. We even noticed several people walking out there. Where these people are standing, Hubby says the water was about six to six and a half feet deep when he went out two days prior.

As we sat drinking and enjoying our last morning in Zanzibar we were able to witness the tide coming back in. There were still people out on the “dunes” but now they were wading in up to their knees or higher. We even saw a dhow pass by once the waters rose sufficiently.

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