Thursday, May 22, 2008

Relaxation 101

The Kempinski was our first ever "resort" holiday and I must say that I can understand the appeal. While I wouldn't want to stay at a resort-style hotel like this for more than 4 or 5 days (as we did in May) the quality of the entire experience was top notch. From the golf cart to take you to your room upon arrival to the champagne breakfasts it was hard to find much to fault. That said, I'm glad we went off season and did not have to pay full price for our half-board holiday. For what we paid it was fabulous - for what I would have to pay for the same holiday this weekend? Not so much.

The food at the Kempinski was quite good. Our second night there, we made reservations at the hotel's seafood restaurant and enjoyed a bottle of champagne (which we picked up at the Duty Free on our way in) while nibbling lobster and freshly caught fish. Tough life, huh? This particular photo is from our last night there when the staff decided to move the BBQ buffet out to the pool. Great food and a romantic setting helped make for a fabulous final impression.

As I mentioned yesterday, Hubby greatly enjoyed the pool's basketball hoop and could frequently be found shoot free throws. While I was busy in the hotel's spa getting a facial and massage he swam a few laps and did his best Kobe impression on the pool's low rim.

(We will not be discussing my basketball abilities as they are somewhat humiliating.) (But it wasn't my fault since I couldn't wear my glasses in the pool and therefore couldn't see anything.) (Not that I'm making excuses.) (And we're still not going to talk about it!)

Random plug: the UV shirt Hubby is wearing TOTALLY worked! White-boy didn't get so much as a freckle during our time in Zanzibar. I realize that the surf shirts must work or they wouldn't be so popular but I was withholding judgment until I saw the burnless proof for myself!

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Anonymous said...

He burns easy, hm? The sun-tan lotion I use is quite dear (£24+/bottle), but really good. It's called p40, I think (will check if you want) and is a once0daily application. You have to stay out of the water for an hour after you put it on, but after that you can be in and out of the pool all day and it's fine. One bottle lasts me a two week holiday just fine, but that's just me. I don't share it with the boy or anything (ha! he can have the cheap shite). I've been using it for three or four years now, and I've never burned with it, even with my shoulders out to the sun all day. Tanned (a little!), sure, but no burn.