Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Return of the Silent Blogger

I would love to say that I’ve been busy for the last three weeks, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve simply had a case of writer’s block. That or laziness, I’m not sure which. In either case, I have now decided to emerge from my self-imposed silence and blog once again.

When last we left our intrepid heroes they were relaxing up a storm at the Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski Hotel. We debated for quite some time about where we should stay for the May long weekend. If we stayed at the Serena in town we would have our typical vacation of running around doing touristy things. On the other hand if we stayed at the Kempinski we would be far from Stone Town and forced to relax for the entire holiday. I voted do nothing and relax. (Surprising, huh?)

Since I am still suffering from writer's block I have elected to tell the tale of the best vacation Hubby and I have ever taken in photos!

This is the jetty Hubby and I "discovered" our first morning. The cooling breezes were only outdone by the lovely views from our chaise lounges.

On our second morning in paradise, Hubby donned his flippers and went snorkeling while I watched, sipping whatever lovely concoction the fabulous bartender had created for me. The staff at this hotel were fabulous - there when you needed them but discreet when you wanted to snuggle on the chairs looking out at the ocean.

Although we never managed to arrange a trip in a local dhow these fishing boats appeared plentiful. I want to point out that I have not doctored the colours in any of these photos. That incredible shade of blue is the real thing!

But we couldn't spend all of our time in the ocean - the salt is bad for my hair you know! The infinity pool at the hotel was incredible and even had a basketball hoop that I will tell you more about tomorrow.

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