Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Mara Photos

As my final Masai Mara post, I have decided to share some of my favourite photos from our vacation.

Bateared Foxes whose only job is to look adorable.

Ostriches who forgot they can’t fly.

Zebra: “I’ve almost got that itch.”

Eagle: “Check out my wingspan, baby!”

Jackal: “Yeah, I am that damn cute!”

Giraffes – It’s where all the cool birds hang out.

Giraffe: “Why does drinking have to be so embarrassing?!”

Look at me! I’m the border between Tanzania and Kenya!

I realize that I have posted about the Mara for well over a week now and I thank you for your patience with my excitement about visiting this national treasure. Most of all, I hope that I have piqued your interest enough to come to the Mara for a personal visit with the lions, cheetahs, waterbuck, and giraffes - they’re all here waiting for you. So hurry and book your tickets because Kenya wants to wish you a warm “Karibu!”

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Anonymous said...

Caribo or Karibu?
Are you Canadian or what? eh?