Thursday, September 04, 2008


The day we have all been looking forward to has finally arrived! No, Mother, I’m not pregnant! My news is even better - I have Internet! *bounce* Better than that, I have Internet whose speed exceeds 1996-era dial-up and isn’t “borrowed.” As I type, Hubby and I are sitting opposite each other on slightly less ugly couches than we had last week, and writing emails simultaneously thanks to our new wireless network. Life is good.

Of course, now that we have Internet, I have yet another excuse to become an agoraphobic hermit who never leaves her flat. Despite my best efforts, I have not yet managed to go out to meet new people and really start my new life in Cairo. Although no one believes it, I really am a shy person at heart and just walking up to someone (even a fellow newbie during orientation) is more difficult than it sounds.

I am currently using Ramadan, which kicked off on Monday, as my excuse since asking someone to meet me for coffee wouldn’t be on during a Muslim month of fasting. Hubby, were he writing this blog, would point out that I could at least sign up for clubs and charities that will help keep me busy over the next few years. But since he’s not writing this blog, I don’t have to listen to “well meaning” advice like that.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the pleasantly empty streets during iftaar, ignore the annoying fire crackers that the local kids seem to enjoy setting off at all hours of the day and night, and enjoy my newly installed Internet by ordering some Indian food for dinner. And maybe if I’m feeling very proactive, I’ll look-up the addresses of some of the organizations I’m avoiding signing up with. Maybe…


Connie said...

Internet! Excellent. Altho I thought the selection of free dial-up was rather nifty... not fast, but handy.

Lynda said...

We were all newbies..
Perhaps you would like to come past for coffee next week? email me @

I was sooooooo much happier when I got my internet hooked up! Don't forget to pay the bill each month or they will disconnect you.

Anonymous said...

Well...what clubs are you joining?Or, on the other hand: what clubs are you setting up? Been to the embassies yet???
Shy? Nah :)
Organizing trip to BBS.
Is your extra room ready because obviously you have too much time on your hands! Best Cruise?

Anonymous said...

In what realm of reality are you shy?

Clearly not this one ;)

You will become accustomed to the obstacle course that is Cairo.