Thursday, October 23, 2008

Four Foods On Friday 52

The biggest problem with this weekly meme is that it always gives me cravings for things I can’t have in the developing world.

1. Name something you use cream cheese in/on.
The perfect Sunday breakfast: A poppy seed bagel sliced in half, generously slathered with deli-style cream cheese, topped slivered onions and tomatoes, and then generously peppered and lightly salted. (Irish smoked salmon and capers are optional.)

2. Do you use yogurt in any recipes?
My mother uses yogurt in my favourite chicken curry. The key is to watch the simmer closely and be ready to serve otherwise the yogurt will split.

3. Macaroni salad. What do you like/put in yours?
I’ve never made macaroni salad, which is kind of weird since I adore macaroni. I do; however, make pasta salad on a regular basis. Yum!

4. Share a recipe that you use sour cream in. (I totally misread the question. I thought it said cream cheese instead of sour cream. Sorry!!!)
Growing up one of my specialties was the world’s best carrot cake. Whenever I made this award winning delicacy I would always double the icing recipe so that concerned parties could properly test it.

Cream Cheese Frosting
1 4oz package of chilled cream cheese (cut into pieces)
2 tablespoons of butter
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1½ cups of confectioner’s sugar
2 teaspoons of mace

With knife blade in a food processor bowl, start machine running and drop cream cheese chunks down the chute into the blade, one at a time. Turn off processor. Add butter and lemon juice. Pulse to mix. Add sugar and process until smooth – about 15-20 secs.


Aurenna said...

What is this devilry? Now I want carrot cake.


Anonymous said...

My post for sour cream would be "Steak Esterhazy" but your icing for the carrot cake is fantastic--as is the carrot cake!

Anele said...

Good, I'm glad I'm not the only person who misread #4!! LOL I don't use sour cream so I gave my cream cheese recipe too! :)

DeeBee said...

I wonder why we confuse sour cream with cream cheese? Probably because they are both so good that it's hard to focus. :-)

Debbie said...

Hi Cairo! I would like to take Blog Around the World to EGYPT next week...could you do the hosting duties? Click on my profile and shoot me an email!

EmmaP said...

you are so right - what a verrrrrrry "tempting" meme! Now I am hungry - and the thing is - I just had lunch an Hour ago!!! Btw, thanks for stopping by from BATW!

Anonymous said...

I loooove cream cheese frosting. I never thought to put lemon in it. I'll have to try that.

Hi! I'm Janola. said...

Hi! Just found your blog and started reading. I'm also hanging out in Cairo for a bit. (Actually, now that I think of it, I've been here for over a month with a month to go.) Hubby and I are taking a TimeOut on our 'Round the World trip, so just bumming around in our apartment in Dokki when we aren't taking Arabic lessons. I also love to knit and read and watch TV!! And eat good food!!

Anonymous said...

My son walked in here five minutes ago looking for bagels. It's 3:25 now, too late in the day to get any good ones.
Thanks for playing FFOF!

Melissa B. said...

This recipe looks divine! Greetings from Virginia, which, of course, is for Lovers, Politics & History! Thanks so much for dropping in for my BATW Day in the Sun...Love your blog & REALLY love this particular post! Please drop by to see me again sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Your frosting recipe sounds like it would taste like cheesecake filling! It sounds perfect to top pumpkin cake (I would use cinnamon instead of mace in mine).

Anonymous said...

Cream cheese frosting is a special treat in our family; usually on top of my mom's famous sour cream pound cake!

Anonymous said...

Your Sunday breakfast sounds heavenly. I love bagels but mine would be considered plain compared to yours LOL.