Monday, October 06, 2008

Just So

Living in the developing world has taught me many things, not the least of which is that one should never expect or even hope that anything will happen the way you plan. Whether it’s a flat tire in the middle of a romantic night out with your husband or a leaky pipe at the start of the “perfect” weekend visit with your friends who flew thousands of miles to see you – the developing world will always attempt to dash your dreams. It took a month or two, but this weekend Egypt joined the ranks of those countries that hate us.

Last week I received an email from our mover saying that our sea shipment would be delivered on Sunday. I instantly started the dance of joy and mentally placed the new furniture where it belonged. I spent hours moving the existing furniture around and generally puttered around in anticipation of the Big Day.

Sunday dawned and when no movers had arrived by 10:00 a.m. I smiled, content in the knowledge that nothing could ruin moving day. After all, I told myself, our street is incredibly narrow and double parking is a sport in Cairo, so the truck was simply having difficulties getting to our building. Nothing would dash my optimism on this fateful day, I trilled to Hubby. Of course, all of my happy, rainbow hued ideas were dashed the minute I picked up the phone and called the moving company.

The Institution allegedly filled out a form incorrectly and now no one knew when our things would arrive. I know that they’re just “things.” Heck, I even know that this time we’re not even going to unpack most of those “things.” But I wanted to have custody of them by now! I wanted to hang my artwork and fill my shelves with books. I wanted to sleep in my own bed under my snuggly duvet and invite people over to see a place I could call home. I wanted to finish the nesting process, dammit!

Yes, I’m a sad pathetic person who wants to control the universe she inhabits. And yes, I’m a tad OCD in that I’ll spend days alphabetizing, organizing, and nudging knick-knacks so they sit at exactly a 40 degree angle. I’m that kind of girl! I’m pathetic! But I don’t hurt anyone with my obsessiveness. So why does Egypt have to hate on me quite so much?


Lynda said...

Egypt doesn't hate you darling... it is just testing your love.

Welcome to the roller coaster...

Just when you think you are going to 'divorce her' -- she will come back with some magical sunset on the remind you who is boss.

Unknown said...

I wonder if buying one of these is a good investment?