Friday, November 21, 2008

Four Foods On Friday 56

This week’s meme had me trying to remember all my worst kitchen nightmares. Since my usual modus operandi with these events is to pretend they never happened it took a while to come up those rare times when I seriously messed up dinner.

1. What’s the worst tasting food you’ve ever eaten?
I happen to love - or at least enjoy – a lot of foods that other people find distasteful so it took me a while to come up with an answer for this one. I have never prepared this item myself but I am not a fan of crocodile. There was a great restaurant in Nairobi Hubby and I frequented that had this on its menu and we would occasionally decide to give the crocodile yet another try. But it always tasted rubbery and fishy. Nothing should taste that fishy. *shudder*

I should note for the record that I had lovely grilled crocodile at a restaurant in Cairns, Australia a few years ago, so I do know what it is supposed to taste like.

2. Share a funny or embarrassing story about a meal you’re made.
This one actually deserves an entire blog entry of its very own. I’m going to save the best story of my kitchen ineptitude for another day and instead tell you about the time I made my world famous salsa for a potluck lunch at my office in Maryland. I over processed the salsa the night before and by the time we opened up the container at lunchtime it had become a rather flavourful tomato paste. From that day onwards, my job on potluck day was to pick up bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.

It should be noted for the record that I have since perfected salsa perfection.

3. What food do you burn or have problems cooking most often?
I can never seem to make brownies correctly. Betty Crocker is no problem but as soon as I start melting expensive chocolate, my oven decides to hate me. I have a recipe for white chocolate brownies that may taste good but I’ll never know since I always char them. I’ve tried different methods of greasing the pan, and I’ve tried lining the pan with parchment paper, but nothing seems to work. Brownies are obviously meant to be boxed or bought.

4. Name two foods you’ll be eating on this Thanksgiving.
This year we will be attending a potluck Thanksgiving so I am not yet sure what everyone is bringing. I am, however, positive but we will be having turkey and stuffing. I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

Burning, charring, over-cooking, under-cooking - these are my middle names! Splashing walls and ceilings with pancake batter and cream - that's me too!

Worst tasting food: oh, where do I start? sea cucumber, thousand day old eggs, fermented herring...

No wonder I've been vegetarian for 20 years now!

Corinne said...

On Wednesday I decided to try a recipe for Super Easy Sugar Cookies. I now have little sugar cookie bricks lying around the house. If you ever need a hammer, I'll send you a sugar cookie!

I've never had crocodile. The worst thing I've ever had, by far, is goya. Japanese bitter melon...blech! I don't have the stomach to try lutefisk or boiled sheep's head.

Anele said...

If you should decide to go for the boxed the absolute best brownies are Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate brownies. To die for and I would say burn proof. (Hopefully! LOL)

As far as the bad stuff happening when the inlaws are around on mine, isn't that always the way?? I KNOW she was thinking "my poor baby can't get a decent meal with this woman in the kitchen." Jokes on her, he HATED her meatloaf as a kid and when I made it he was like "wow, THIS is what meatloaf is supposed to taste like? I love it!" :)

Anonymous said...

I am told that I burned boiled eggs when I first got married--does that count?
I also know someone who made lemon meringue pie when he was young--it tasted funny but that was because this someone broke the whole egg--shells and all-- into the pie.

Christine Gram said...

Burn baby... I burn everything because I'm easily distracted.

I wish I could cook a turkey this year, but I don't think even a small one could fit in our puny oven. Maybe a chicken.

What are you bringing to the potluck?

United Studies said...

Peter still laughs at me, because when we first met my recipe book consisted on directions such as "take out of box, heat oven to 350, cook for 15 minutes." But now I can cook with the best of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love fish & anything out of the ocean, but I totally dislike it when it tastes fishy, blaeh.

Grins at Nr. 2 - could have been me :P

For Nr. 3 - do you cook with gas or electric?

Now I'm hungry, thanks a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Crocodile sounds awful...I don't have to taste it. LOL
And boxed brownies are great, especially that brownie cookie dough in the refrigerated section.

Gutsy Living said...

Maybe 350 in your oven is like 450 in other ovens. Just trying to help.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

My key for not burning things is to use stoneware to cook on. Love it.

And I've never had crocodile. But I have had alligator. I didn't really care for it. Rather grainy texture...

Brenda said...

I had grilled crocodile before and it was good. I wonder if it depends on where the crocodile is raised?

But the worst food I ever ate was banana juice. Just thinking about it nauseates me.

I cannot cook cornbread. It hates me and never turns out right :)

Anonymous said...

Brownies are touchy to make. Either they are gooey in the center or hard on the edges. Sigh.

Susan Cook said...

Crocodile? Wow I wouldn't even dare try it. Funny salsa story :)

Kelly said...

let's see if we get any good advcie on how to *make* good brownies!

Anonymous said...

From what a crocodile looks like, I can only imagine what its meat tastes like. I've eaten part of a raw centipede though.. by accident, of course LOL.

Connie said...

Whereas alligator is supposed to be darn tasty. Never had a chance to try it though. My worst food is always liver. I have other foods, like crab, that I cannot stand one way, but like another. But liver is strange... no matter how you cook it, I think it smells heavenly. My mouth waters. I like most organ meats.. I know, ew, but I do. And I always want that liver I smell with my nose. But my sense of taste... ack! pbbt! I always hate it. I can't even force myself to eat it. So unfair.

I screw up brownies too... even boxed ones. ONE time in my life, with a mix, I managed to make brownies... even had that awesome light, flakey crust on top. I have no idea what I did.. haven't managed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

My hubby enjoyed the alligator.
Funny salsa story. I have my worst cooking experience ina post all of it's own. LOL.