Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Typ0’s Home is her Castle

We have finally arrived back from our “weekend” in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of this trip was to see if I liked the place (like it wasn’t too late already to back out), check out the life style there, and see some potential apartments. Well, mission accomplished, we did all of that and then some.

We saw several different styles of homes in our quest to find ourselves a new abode: from modern apartments with huge modern kitchens to huge estates with substantial acreage. While the latter (or what we in Delhi would call Farm Houses) are not our cup of tea, they are rather lovely once you get past the need for an army of people to assist with the upkeep (gardeners, guards, cooks, maids etc.). What you’re left with is really a life style choice.

The Cowboy, Hubby’s soon to be boss (kinda), had us over one afternoon and we found ourselves feeling rather decadent and relaxed. We sat in his six-acre garden in the shade of some lovely, old trees while his housekeeper brought out our snack and we sipped on perfectly chilled South African wine. Tough life, huh?

So while we don’t need the space, the headaches, or the effort of an estate – the bliss and peace of it all are hard to beat. That said, we will likely end up in an apartment like we have today… well almost like we have today. Here for your reading pleasure is a little comparison of our current home to the apartment we really liked in Nairobi.

1 Lak = 2200 USD (aprox)
3 Bedroom, each w/ Ensuite
Crappy Kitchen
Huge Terrace
Good Sized Living Room
Small but Adequate Dining Room
Posh-ish Area
No Spa/Exercise Area
No Fence
Sloppy Security Guys w/ Light-up Sticks

Overall Actual Worth = 800 USD
80,000 Shillings = 1150 USD (aprox)
4 Bedroom, each w/ Ensuite
Modern Kitchen
Small Balcony
Mammoth Living Room
Zero Dining Room
Nice-ish Area similar to Vasant Vihar
Spa/Exercise Area
Big Walls with Electric Fence
Serious Security Dudes with Guns

Overall Actual Worth = 1150 USD

Welcome home!

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Anonymous said...

With all the potental visitors, is there going to be enough room even with 4 bedrooms?