Monday, September 29, 2008


Today is a remarkable day in the history of Wandering the World. No, Mum, I’m still not pregnant! In fact, for someone who could barely be bothered to do her homework 86% of the time, this is an even more momentous occasion than expectant motherhood. You are currently reading my 500th post!

My third blog-iversary was last week but I decided to put off that celebration in favour of marking the big five-oh-oh. I’ll be first to admit that not all of my posts have been interesting, creative, or even terribly original but I have always tried to be honest with you, my Devoted Readers, about who I was at that moment in my life. Of course, sometimes who I was at that moment was everything from a wannabe journalist to a crazy girl who wanted to vent about pointless things. But no matter which of my many personalities was in charge of blogging on a given day, I still made a point of getting my thoughts out there in the blogosphere. (Except for when Lazy Smurf was in charge. Those were the days when we didn’t blog at all. Obviously she’s the one giving orders more often than not.)

After the equivalent of a post every other day for three years I think we can safely say that I don’t maintain this site out of a false sense of duty. In fact, this blog is my safety net of sanity and in an incredibly cheesy way makes me ridiculously happy. Where else can you go and talk about yourself day after day and know that those who listen to your ramblings won’t judge you (much)? And don’t say therapy because we both know that deep down shrinks are totally calling you out for being nutters. (Or maybe that was just in my sessions…)

So, for giving me a safe place to be me and joining me on this quest for sanity I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every Devoted Reader out there. This blog would simply be me talking to myself (again) without you. I look forward to your visits and your comments more than you know.

Thank you, and here’s to the next 500 posts!


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations--I knew you should have done journalism but who listens to us!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! or Alf Mabroook as they say here(that means 'one thousand congratualtions', I am SOOOOOO smart).

And yes Merthyrmum is correct you should have done journalism...God you are a waste ;)

By the way thanks again for everything last night. Oh yea and the night before that. You were Fantastic. Seminal. Unforgettable.

Loves and Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Notice that I misspelled congratulations (whatever I like congratualtions better anyway) while stating how smart I was.

"I am so smart...S-M-R-T"

What show huh???

Loves again

Lynda said...

"Seminal"... interesting choice of words....

Personally I think Baby Corn bites the big one too... If you are going to vent about anything -- baby corn is as good a choice as any... rats V's Baby Corn... hardly any difference at all...

Well done... having my first real blogging 'block' this week shows me just how much dedication this job takes...

Connie said...

Yay!! ((throws confetti)) Congrats for this milestone. Don't stop now!

Gutsy Living said...

Congratulation on 3 years of blogging. Since I'm a new visitor, I'm sorry to ask, but have you found sanity?
I did in Belize, Central America, after 6 months on an island with 3 sons and a husband and no job. Well not exactly! However, I changed, thanks to the beauty of the Caribbean. Now I'm back in Southern California, but ready to move again as soon as my youngest son, 14, is off to college. What are your dreams?